CCDI's airflow software is geared for a production atmosphere. Further software enhancements can be made for your specific system. We can also design specialized test equipment, with 30 years of software experience, let us be your solution shop. We can custom design measurement solutions as well, not just limited to our product line.

Software Services

      • C Language Windows Executables
      • Converting data for external databases
      • Statistical Analysis
      • Small Web Server on Airflow Stand for Report Access
      • Custom Test Benches

Software Services Completed

      • LED Panel Circuit Tester
      • US ARMY - Velocity Traverse Gas Filter Tester
      • Physiological Monitoring System
      • PT Vane Ring Visual Graphic Display
      • Model 64 In-line ASME Nozzle EFA Flow Rig
      • Airflow Data Conversion
      • Bar Code Airflow Tagging
      • Model 70 EDM Volumetric Leak/Flow Tester
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