• As the OEM manufacturer of Airflow test equipment, we recommend the Airflow system calibrations be completed by CCDI trained technicians only.
  • We will track and schedule annual or bi-annual Airflow Stand calibrations using our extranet system which keeps you informed of all calibrations. Our goal is to limit the interruption of production schedules to as little as possible, causing the least amount of down time.
  • CCDI coordinates LAB calibrations for sonic nozzles. We offer a full service by inspecting, lab calibrating and verification when they are re-installed back into a machine.
  • CCDI calibrates ASME nozzles and orifice plates up to 30 Sq. In EFA at 5", 1" and 1/2" Water Column (WC) using our NIST traceable sonic nozzle based flow rig in Cincinnati. Other pressures are also available.
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