The Model 22 is perfect for accurate airflow testing of small segments, vane rings and Nacelle testing. This airflow machine is an accurate and stable EFA instrument for area airflow measurements of vane rings, combustors, segments and diffuser rings. These EFA machines can also serve multiple purposes for your testing requirements.

Model 22 Scientific Effective Flow Area Test Machine

Model 22 Effective Flow Area

Flow Capabilities

  • Area: 0.25 to 14 Square Inches
  • Pressure: 0" to 20" Water Column Gauge


  • NIST Traceable EFA
  • Programmable Part Profile for Fast Testing
  • All Density Parameters are measured
  • Room and Plenum Temperatures
  • Barometric and Plenum Pressures
  • Dew Point (Optional)
  • GE, P&W, ABB, Honeywell, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, and Solar Parts Testing
  • 10 HP Blower Motor
  • Vector Motor Controller for 1.0 to 4,999.9 RPM
  • Less than one minute per EFA measurement
  • Orifice plates and ASME subsonic nozzle masters
  • Customer correlation table for each part
  • Four QC reports, label and data acquisition file
  • Free Operator Training, Testing and Certification
  • Shipping weight without crate is 950 lbs.
  • One Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Need more accuracy? CCDI can offer Digital Transducers.

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