Setting the Standard

Since 1977, CCDI has been a pioneer in the development of non-destructive airflow testing. CCDI has created many special products, several of which have become the industry standard. Our dedicated team continues to create products that are scientifically sound and accurate.

"CCDI has overcome several hurdles over the past few years, including the recent loss of our founder Frank W. Bao in 2007. We have honored him by perfecting his proven methods, replicating his knowledge and deploying a multi-talented workforce to move us forward. CCDI is more focused than ever on our core business, airflow. Our customers can count on the fact that we are here to stay for the long run."
-Jeff Bao (President)

Dedication to Quality

CCDI maintains an AS9100 Quality Management System to insure our products are at the highest standard before shipped. Our Data Acquisition and Control software continuously improve to meet the changing requirements in the aircraft industry. We know the importance of accurate and stable data acquisition; therefore, we advise routine calibration and maintenance, as well as employ PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) control during test sessions. Our dedication to quality and repeatability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. CCDI's intention is not to be the biggest but the best in this specialized industry.

Airflow Solutions

We are routinely called upon to create solutions for specialized airflow problems for our worldwide customer base. Customers who require a Statisitcal Process Control (SPC) in their quality control can rely on our software to provide a database of test results. CCDI engineers and technicians follow our customers specifications to create solid airflow solutions. Our methods and solutions have been consistently recognized as the best in the business by the largest engine manufacturers.

ITAR Registered

CCDI is officially ITAR Registered and maintains strict controls over intellectual property of all our customers.

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